Filled Text Styles for Photoshop

Filled Text Styles for Photoshop

27/09/2021 0 By Carol

A selection of 6 filled text styles for photoshop supplied in .asl format. Free download

Filled Text Styles

These styles will have the blending options available for you to change or adjust to your personal preference, or to suit the particular font you are using. I used Alfa Slab One font for all the examples below. The download button is after the examples. As always, I only request that you enjoy this free resource!

Style 1

This style fills the text with a gold effect. It looks ok on any colour background, but darker is better.
Filled Text 1

Style 2

A pattern fill is used here. I also added a colour overlay, which can be changed to your personal choice. I show this on a tricolour background to show the effect of different colours.
Filled Text 2

Style 3

A bevelled effect with a transparent pattern fill, I graduated a transparency pattern on the background.
Filled Text 3

Style 4

This is a solid pattern fill, so you can add a Color Overlay to add colour to the pattern, or just use your choice of background colour.
Filled Text 4

Style 5

Another transparent pattern which can have a Color Overlay added. The duo tone background displays the transparency here.
Filled Text 5

Style 6

A larger pattern this time, however you can change the size if you wish, and again, you can add a Color Overlay to the style.
Filled Text 6

The patterns came from my sets:

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