Spring Gradients for Photoshop Free Download

Spring Gradients for Photoshop Free Download

13/09/2018 0 By Carol

Spring gradients – a selection of 12 overlay gradients inspired by spring colours.

Spring Gradients Examples in Use

Here are a few examples of some images overlaid with these gradients.

Early Spring

With a blending mode of Vivid Light, this gradient can brighten a darker image.
Spring Gradients - Early Spring

Spring Garden

Used on flowers and foliage, the Spring Garden gradient gives a sun-kissed effect.
Spring Gradients - Spring Garden

Spring Blush

Turn a dull day into a spring morning with a pink blush.
Spring Gradients - Spring Blush

Spring Day

Vivid Light, once again, brings out the colours in this image.
Spring Gradients - Spring Day

Spring Love

Spring Love will turn any dull-coloured image into purple and pink using the Color Burn blending mode.
Spring Gradients - Spring Love

All images from Unsplash