Fruity Gradients Set for Photoshop

Fruity Gradients Set for Photoshop

01/11/2021 0 By Carol

A set of fruit-related gradients for Photoshop. Provided in .grd format, this free download contains 15 gradients.

Fruity Gradients Set for Photoshop

Fruity Gradients is a set of gradients based loosely on the colours of fruit. As always, I encourage you to move the sliders, change the colours or make any other adjustments to suit your own requirements. Download button is after the showcase. Enjoy!

Fruity Gradients – Tangerine

I used a gradient overlay on this image, it gives a different tone to the picture adding a slightly vintage feel.

Tangerine Gradient Overlay Settings
Tangerine Gradient Settings

Fruity Gradients Tangerine
Image credit: NGUYEN TIEN on Pixabay

Fruity Gradients – Lemon

This overlay brightens up the image and introduces some more detail.

Lemon Gradient Overlay Settings
Lemon Gradient Settings

Fruity Gradients Lemon
Image credit: Intricate Explorer on Unsplash

Fruity Gradients – Peach

A gradient overlay using the Peach gradient gives a more pastel, dreamy effect on this flower.

Peach Gradient Overlay Settings
Peach Gradient Settings

Fruity Gradients Peach
Image credit: Lolame on Pixabay

Fruity Gradients – Black Grape/Apple

This logo was created using the Apple gradient for the background and the Black Grape gradient on the logo design.

Black Grape Gradient Overlay Settings
Black Grape Gradient Settings

Apple Gradient Overlay Settings
Apple Gradient Settings

Fruity Gradients Black Grape/Apple

Fruity Gradients – Banana

This gradient lightens and brightens the yellows in this image.

Banana Gradient Overlay Settings
Banana Gradient Settings

Fruity Gradients Banana
Image credit: Slava Pluzhnov on Unsplash

Fruity Gradients – Strawberry

This overlay changes the colours of this water splash.

Strawberry Colour Overlay Settings
Strawberry Gradient Settings

Fruity Gradients Strawberry
Image credit: Marco Schroeder on Pixabay

Fruity Gradients – Melon

A gradient map was used to give the image an autumnal feel.

Melon Gradient Map Settings
Melon Gradient Settings

Fruity Gradients Melon
Image credit: rakinmorjaria on Pixabay

Fruity Gradients – Coconut

Anything that includes brown will, in my world, always create a vintage effect – coconuts are no different!

Coconut Gradient Map Settings
Coconut Gradient Settings

Fruity Gradients Coconut
Image credit: Gunther Schneider on Pixabay

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