Text Styles 1 – Free Download

Text Styles 1 – Free Download

02/10/2018 0 By Carol

Text Styles 1 is the first set of styles I have created. It includes a neon style in 5 colours, and 7 unrelated styles, but I hope you can use them and enjoy them.

Text Styles 1

These styles are designed to make your life easier if you want a certain text effect, or simply to show Photoshop beginners how certain styles are achieved using adjustment layers and opacity. A lot can be learned by using styles in Photoshop.

1 – Neon Yellow

Text Styles 1 - Neon Yellow

2 – Neon Blue

Text Styles 1- Neon Blue

3 – Neon Green

Text Styles 1 - Neon Green

4 – Neon Red

Text Styles 1 - Neon Red

5 – Neon Pink

Text Styles 1 - Neon Pink

6 – Gold Edged

A beautiful gold edging effect that works well on thinner text.

Text Styles 1 - Gold Edged

7 – Ghost Text

A text effect with inner shading to give a ‘hardly there’ effect.

Text Styles 1 - Ghost Text

8 – Inner Glow

A glowing edge effect that works well on thicker fonts.

Text Styles 1 - Inner Glow

9 – Puffy White

It is what it says! A puffy white effect that works better on heavy fonts.

Text Styles 1 - Puffy White

10 – Cutout Emboss

A similar style to the Ghost Text, this effect works well with almost any font.

Text Styles 1 - Cutout Emboss

11 – Hard Rock

A raised effect with a rock pattern overlay, shown here on a granite pattern background, it is like chiselled rock.

Text Styles 1 - Hard Rock

12 – Blue Metal

A blue metal effect that uses a fairly intricate gradient.

Text Styles 1 - Blue Metal


The .zip file contains one .asl file for Photoshop. Simply load the file into the Styles window.

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