Photo Collage Tutorial

Photo Collage Tutorial

22/07/2021 0 By Carol

This Photo Collage is very easy to make, but a little time-consuming. I think the end result is worth the time. You will only need Photoshop and a photograph to complete this tutorial.

Photo Collage

This collage is very versatile. Although I have used hexagons, you can use any shape that will fit together. This tutorial is simply to show the idea of how to create a collage. If you want to use a collage for different images, simply leave the hexagons on their own layers and clip the images to each layer. If you want to use my hexagon template, the download button is after the tutorial. Enjoy!

Step 1

Open a new document using the following settings:

New Document Settings

Step 2

Create a new layer.

Select the Polygon Tool, using the settings shown below (use any light grey):

Polygon Tool

Polygon Settings

Hold down the Shift key and drag out a polygon with a width of about 400px.

Double click on the layer to bring up the Blending Options and add a stroke as shown below:

Stroke Settings

Step 3

Duplicate the layer and arrange the hexagons to your desired pattern, taking care to keep them in line with each other.


Step 4

Select all the polygon layers by clicking on the top one, hold down the Shift key and click on the bottom one.

Right click on any selected layer > Clear Layer Style

With all the hexagons still selected: Right click on any selected layer > Merge Layers

Hexagons Without Stroke

Step 5

Open your chosen photo. The one I am using is from Pok_Rie on Pixabay

Drag the photo into your document, making sure it is on top of the hexagons.

Lower the opacity of the photo to about 50% and resize and place the image over the hexagons as you want it

Place Photo

Step 6

Create a clipping mask by holding the cursor between the 2 layers, hold down the Alt key and click.

You can now move the image around if you need to.

This is the finished image:

Finished Image

Add a gradient background. I also added a small drop shadow to the hexagons layer.

Gradient Background
Gradient from my Autumn Gradients set

Use the full image as a background, with lowered opacity

Image Background

Using fewer hexagons with individual images. Clip each image to it’s own hexagon. I added a small drop shadow and a gradient stroke.

Individual Images
Image credits: Kittens from Gundula Vogel on Pixabay Dogs from congerdesign on Pixabay
Background gradient from my Spring Gradients set

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