12 Dark Gradients – Free Download

12 Dark Gradients – Free Download

08/08/2019 0 By Carol

This set of dark gradients can darken an image, lighten it or make it monotone, depending on the blending options used.

Dark Gradients

These are fun gradients that can make subtle changes to your images, or completely change colours in amazing ways. I include a few examples of them in use below. The download button is after the images.



This image of sunset/sunrise in Yosemite has been darkened using the Before Daybreak gradients as a Gradient Map.

  • Layer Blend Mode: Multiply
  • Opacity: 60%

Dark Gradients - Before Daybreak
Image credit: Unsplash

I decided to try out the ‘pop art’ style for this portrait. A gradient overlay, finished off with a half-tone pattern. Here are the settings using the Night Sky gradient overlay:

  • Blend Mode: Difference
  • Opacity: 88%
  • Style: Radial – Reversed
  • Angle: -142º
  • Scale: 80%

Dark Gradients - Night Sky
Image credit: Unsplash

This is already a beautifully dreamy image, but the Dark gradient adds a little spookiness with a whisper of colour left visible.

  • Blend Mode: Color
  • Opacity: 86%
  • Style: Linear
  • Angle: 90º
  • Scale: 100%

Dark Gradients - Dark
Image credit: Pixabay

I love the effect that the Tango Nights gradient fill adjustment layer had on this image, however, it was not necessary on her eyes and teeth, or on the watermelon, so I used the layer mask to erase it from those areas.

  • Style: Linear
  • Angle: 146º
  • Scale: 90%
  • Layer Blend Mode: Color Dodge
  • Layer Opacity: 83%

Dark Gradients - Tango Nights
Image credit: Pixabay

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