PSD Colouring Set 3 – Free Download

PSD Colouring Set 3 – Free Download

19/06/2019 0 By Carol

PSD Colouring Set 3 is a set of 8 fully layered colouring files for Photoshop. As always, this is a free download and the link can be found at the bottom of the page.

PSD Colouring Files

PSD colouring files can help you to understand how adjustment layers work and the effects they have. Don’t be afraid to change the settings and/or the opacity and blending mode to see what they do. Simply drag and drop the group of adjustment layers into your own image, resize any textures and play around to find the best settings for your taste and your image. Most of all, as always, enjoy!

Blue-ish PSD

PSD Colouring Blue-ish

White-ish PSD

PSD Colouring White-ish

Black-ish PSD

PSD Colouring Black-ish

Orange-ish PSD

PSD Colouring Orange-ish

Red-ish PSD

PSD Colouring Red-ish

Yellow-ish PSD

 PSD Colouring Yellow-ish

Purple-ish PSD

PSD Colouring Purple-ish

Pink-ish PSD

PSD Colouring Pink-ish