Summer Actions Set for Photoshop

Summer Actions Set for Photoshop

17/06/2019 0 By Carol

A set of 5 summer actions to give a different ambiance to your summer photos.

Summer Actions

This set of summer actions is supplied in .atn format, and each file leaves the layers in a group so you can adjust them if you wish, to suit your photos. Download button after the examples.

Soft Summer Action

Summer Actions - Soft Summer
Image credit: Marcus Dall Col on Unsplash

Warm Summer Action

Warm Summer
Image credit: Pixabay

Vintage Summer Action

Summer Actions - Vintage Summer
Image credit: blizniak on Pixabay

Hot Summer Action

Hot Summer
Image credit: melancholiaphotography on Pixabay

Summer Haze Action

Summer Actions - Summer Haze
Image credit: Chris Galbraith on Unsplash