Pegged Photos Template – Free Download

Pegged Photos Template – Free Download

04/06/2019 0 By Carol

This pegged photos template is free to download and is supplied in PSD format. The template is fully layered, so you can change anything about it, such as the frames, the background, the shadows, etc.

Pegged Photos Template

I have tried to make this template as easy as possible to use, so read on if you need details of how to add your own photos.


Although you don’t need to download any of these resources except the Pegged Photos Template, I am listing them to credit the providers.

Background texture from ftourini on DeviantArt
Rope from slavetofashion69 on DeviantArt
Polaroid Frame from Suicdekng on DeviantArt
Peg from PNGTree

Step 1

Open the template and familiarise yourself with the groups and layers supplied.

This is how the template looks when you open it:

Pegged Photos Template - Template

This is how the layers are arranged:

Pegged Photos Template - Layers

Step 2

Select any of the ‘Your Photo Here’ layers and drag your image into it.

Use Ctrl+T to transform and resize the image to fit.

If you have some of the image showing outside of the frame, use the Polygonal Lasso tool to create a selection, Select>Inverse, make sure your photo layer is active and hit the delete button.

Pegged Photos Template - Transform and Resize

Pegged Photos Template - Trim Photo

Step 3

Repeat Step 2 for each photo.

Pegged Photos

Other Ideas

There are many variations you can apply to this template, below are a couple of alterations to the original.

Alternative background:

Pegged Photos Template - Alternative Background

Using a Stroke on the photos instead of the Polaroid frame:

Pegged Photos Template - Photos With Stroke

Image Credits

Baby from Unsplash
Young Girl from Unsplash
Family from Unsplash
Young Boy from Unsplash