Tape Textures PNG – Free Download

Tape Textures PNG – Free Download

16/10/2018 0 By Carol

These tape textures are provided in a single .png file. They have been photographed on a black background, but colour overlays or reduction of opacity can match your background.

Tape Textures

You can make these tape pieces blend naturally with your background by either reducing their opacity or adding a colour overlay. I show these two methods below.

Colour Overlay

This image shows a Color Overlay adjustment layer added that was the same colour as the background. The adjustment layer was set to Color and the opacity reduced to around 50%.

Tape Textures - Color Overlay

Reduced Opacity

The image below shows the textures simply reduced in opacity to make them blend with all the backgrounds, this is the best way if you are placing them on more than one background image.

Tape Textures - Reduced Opacity
All images from Unsplash

The Textures

There are 9 pieces of tape included in this file, and the image below shows them all.

Tape Textures - Display

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