Smooth Gradients for Photoshop – Free Download

Smooth Gradients for Photoshop – Free Download

08/10/2018 0 By Carol

Smooth Gradients is a set of 12 gradients that ease from one colour to the next. They work well as backgrounds or to change the effect on images.

Smooth Gradients

Below I am showing the effect of 5 of these gradients on a selection of images. I also state the blending mode and opacity of the gradient overlay.

Venice Made Sunny

Smooth gradient 3 has been applied to this image, using Color Burn at 70% opacity.

Smooth Gradients 3
Image credit: Unsplash

Pink Peony

Using smooth gradient 5 with Color Burn at 50%, the colour of these flowers pops a little and gives a little more definition.

Smooth Gradients 5
Image credit: Unsplash

Girl In The Window

Smooth gradient 7 took some of the brightness out of this image, adding more definition. I used Color Burn at 50% opacity.

Smooth Gradients 7
Image credit: Unsplash

On The Town

This already beautiful image was made to look a little darker with Smooth gradient 10 using Subtract at 35% opacity.

Smooth Gradients 10
Image credit: Unsplash

Deep Reflection

Making the sun play on the buildings and the reflection was achieved with Smooth gradient 11 using Color Dodge at 75% opacity.

Smooth Gradients 11
Image credit: Unsplash

A Quote

Here I used Smooth gradient 1, blending mode Normal at 65% opacity (on a white background). The quote is from graphic designer David Carson.

Smooth Gradients 1

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