Grass & Flowers Text Photoshop Tutorial

Grass & Flowers Text Photoshop Tutorial

02/10/2018 0 By Carol

This ornamental grass & flowers text effect uses some free resources and is quick and simple to achieve.


The flowers used are from the amazingly talented roula33 on DeviantArt. However, I have isolated some flowers, coloured and resized them, and made the .psd file available for download. You have the choice of using either resource, however, I do not include how to isolate and colour the flowers in this tutorial.

Grass Texture from Architecturendu on DeviantArt
Floral Brushes from mohaafterdark on DeviantArt
Flowers psd

Step 1

Open a new file, 850px x 500px 72ppi.

Open the grass texture (I used the second one in the zip file) and drag it into your file.

You can either leave it as it is, or reduce the size of it to your own requirements. I reduced the size to about half.

Step 2

Duplicate the grass layer, and turn off the visibility of the top grass layer.

Select the Type tool, Arial Black, size 150pt, any colour, and type your chosen text – all lines on one layer.

Click on the fx button at the bottom of the layers pallette and select Drop Shadow. Appy the following settings:

Grass & Flowers Text - Drop Shadow Settings

Step 3

Make the top grass layer visible again and make sure it is the active layer. Right click on it and select Create Clipping Mask.

Grass & Flowers Text - Clipping Mask

Step 4

Create a new layer above the bottom grass layer, select the Brush tool and the Floral brushes. Choose a brush that you like and click once on the canvas – colour is unimportant.

Ctrl+T to transform the object, and rotate it to fit how you wish.

Apply the following Bevel & Emboss and Color Overlay settings:

Grass & Flowers Text - Bevel & Emboss Settings

Grass & Flowers Text - Color Overlay Settings

Repeat this step for any other florals you require.

Step 5

Make sure the top layer is active (should be the grass copy layer)

Open the Flowers psd.

Drag one of the small flowers into your file and move it to wherever you want to place it.

Use Ctrl+T to rotate or flip the flowers as required.

Apply the following Drop Shadow settings:

Grass & Flowers Text - Drop Shadow Settings 2

Step 6

Duplicate the flowers layer as many times as required and place them as required.

Repeat these 2 steps for the other flowers. Make sure you add the Drop Shadow to the first copy of each flower to prevent you having to do it on every layer.

And you’re done!

Grass & Flowers Text